Cleaning & Testing

Be prepared in case of a fire; call today to learn more.


Make Sure Your Fire Alarms Work Like They Should

Get Fire Alarm Testing Near Marshall, WI and Surrounding Madison, WI Area

You need to have your fire alarms tested every once in a while to get the fire protection you need. Fire alarms can detect the fire in a jiffy and can provide warning to all the building occupants to leave the premises.

When you need reliable fire alarm testing, sprinkler inspection, hood cleaning, and other service, consider contacting Madison Extinguisher Service & Safety. We have been helping clients throughout Marshall & Madison, WI for over two decades. Our goal is ultimately to help make sure that anyone in your building is safe should a fire break out. Get in contact today to receive more information.

We Can Handle a Wide Variety of Services

Just some of the things that Madison Extinguisher Service can help with include:

  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • Sprinkler Testing
  • Fire Door Testing
  • Hood Cleaning
  • Exit Light Inspection